Today, many manufacturers are active in the field of nylon production and supply, and they operate in the market with different qualities.
Delin Plast intends to help you in this field with higher quality products with a more reasonable price.

Delin, in cooperation with several authorized brands that are able to produce the best polyethylene products and products that are in accordance with international standards, has made it possible to meet the needs of customers in all parts of the country.

As we know, nylon is one of the most widely used packaging and transportation materials, and taking into account the damage caused by plastic to nature, Delin Company is trying to supply a variety of degradable bags and nylons, which, unlike ordinary plastics, can be easily recycled. Unlike ordinary plastics, they do not stay in nature for years.

The use of degradable nylons reduces the decomposition process of plastic waste and helps a lot to preserve the environment.
Dear consumers, keep in mind that they can cooperate with Delin Plast company from all kinds of normal and degradable plastic bags.